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Christian Education

Week after week, in congregations all over The United Methodist Church, children, youths and adults gather to find friends, to learn about God, to delve into Scripture and to catch and teach the faith. In an average week, 1.6 million of us find ourselves there!

Is the lesson always wonderful?  Is the teacher always prepared? The class always engaged? We’d love to answer yes – but to be honest, probably not. But God is always there, yearning to gather us in and to send us out!

So, if God’s there – you should be too!

Come on! Become part of a  Sunday Class or Small Group and prepare yourself to be a servant who makes a difference in  your community and the world by knowing Christ, sharing Christ  and emulating Christ. You’ll be glad you did!
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Adapted from  the article Sunday School – It’s for Life by Harriet Olson