Ministry Process

Here at Flushing UMC we use a simple, three step process to grow in our walk with God. We realize not everyone will move through this process in the same way or with the same timing, but we strive to always encourage people to take the next step!

We use the metaphor of a fire growing in our hearts.

In every life there are moments, tiny sparks in our lives when God is tugging on our heart. The first step in our walk with God is to feed that spark. Get the spark to catch flame and take root in our heart.
Basically, the first step is worship. When we first come into contact with God – we’re getting to KNOW Christ.

After the spark catches in our heart, it is our job to protect the tiny flame, to nurture it so that it will grow. Much like adding twigs to a fire, we add spiritual practices that help us grow closer to Jesus.
Basically, this is what we call “Christian Education” – where we start to FOLLOW Christ.

After we have fed the spark (worshipping God), and then after we have fueled that flame (through Christian education) – eventually the fire inside our hearts grows big enough that the people around us begin to notice the change in our life.
The third piece to our journey is the challenge to let the fire in our heart spread into the world around us.
Basically, this is what we call “missions” or “service” – where we volunteer in our community and SHARE Christ.

We all start in the same place – far away from God, not really understanding who and what God is. But through this process of growth we become active disciples of Jesus Christ determined to change the world (which was our goal all along).
No matter where you’re at in life – we invite you to join us in this incredible, lifelong journey!