The Forge

“Building boys into Men, and Men into Men of God.”
There are three pillars to our Men’s Ministry.
1. Fun in Fellowship
Men grow when they have fun together. We..
– build stuff.
– break stuff.
– go to games together

2. Growth In God
Men become Men of God when they spend time growing in their faith. We…
– read our bibles
– pray (talk to God every day)
– join a Life Group
– get to church

3. Lead In Service
Men fulfill their purpose when we step up and lead, by serving others.
– volunteer in the church
– mentor the next generation
– learn how to lead the way Jesus led.

We don’t like meetings much, so we keep that to a minimum.

The Gathering – Monthly recap of what we just did and what’s coming up. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes after service with a snack, or sometimes a full lunch with a little more hang out time.

Fellowship Events – Every couple months there’s a big, fun event put on by the Men’s Ministry. Maybe we all go to a Lugnuts game, or go to a concert or build something together.

Men’s Retreat – Every Year there’s an annual Men’s Retreat where we go away for the weekend to have fun in fellowship, grow in God AND lead in service all in one weekend.

Check the church office or contact the Forge Leadership to find out what’s coming up.