Flushing United Methodist Church

a brief history..

The Methodist Church in Flushing was organized in 1842, joining the Flint River Circuit. In 1847 a wooden church with a tall steeple was erected at the church’s current site, on property donated by James Seymour. As the Flushing area grew in population and significance, the congregation of the Methodist Church also grew.

On 22 January 1883 the Methodist Church, now known as the Flushing Methodist Episcopal Church, went up in flames. Regardless of whether the fire started from an overheated furnace or a spark from a chimney, the congregation forged ahead and began making plans for a new church building. The new church was officially dedicated on 29 July 1884.

Once again, as the Flushing area grew and changed, the people and structures of the Flushing Methodist Episcopal Church mirrored and participated in the change. A series of changes began in 1957 that are still evident today. Fellowship Hall was built, the parsonage on Main St. was torn down and a new one built on Clearview St., the existing building was updated and remodeled, and an active youth program began.

On 10 June 1973, the pastors and choir led the congregation out of the church building singing Onward Christian Soldiers and demolition of the old and construction of the current building began, culminating in a dedication service on 27 October 1974. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s many changes occurred including additions of staff, facility improvements and new ministries.

In 1997 a contemporary worship service was added at Flushing United Methodist Church to appeal to those seeking Christ, but preferred contemporary music similar to the songs played on Christian radio stations. Several time frames were tried, landing on the current two worship services: Traditional at 8:45 am and Contemporary at 11:15 am with Sunday School for all ages at 10:00 am.

As Flushing UMC entered its 158th year, an increase in worship attendance and a growing desire to fulfill the church vision of Invite, Nurture and Serve resulted in what was called Vision 2000: Great Heritage – Great Future, a 3-year stewardship and building campaign. On September 10, 2000, following a great deal of planning and preparing, The Vision 2000 kickoff was held. With the support of friends and members a great deal was accomplished that enhanced the church’s ability to continue to reach out and serve the community.

Since 2004 the church has maintained a stable worship service attendance. Always involved in outreach and mission, the church’s focus is now more intentional and hands-on. The Christian Education ministry has grown in attendance and adult offerings with the Small Group Communities starting and remaining consistent.